Fleets and business of all sizes can benefit from using company fuel cards. The old system of drivers paying for their fuel upfront and claiming expenses is inefficient and difficult for employees. It also creates a lot of administration with processing receipts, and makes it difficult to track costs.

A business fuel card takes away this process. Your staff pay for their fuel on their company fuel card at any filling station in a large network of refuelling locations. You then receive an itemised bill and can pay by direct debit for your convenience.

Large fleets such as haulage and transport companies need business diesel cards to take advantage of the most competitive prices and maximise efficiency. However fuel cards for small business are just as effective. Smaller companies can reduce their administration and benefit from monitoring their fuel usage. The easy online management system reduces your workload as well as adding value by providing business critical information. You can also plan journeys and take advantage of the most competitive fuel prices.

Benefits of our company fuel cards include:

  • Unique fixed weekly pricing for diesel across 20 European countries
  • 24/7 HGV access across 4,000 refuelling locations covering all major transport routes
  • Access ‘Velocity’ the market leading online business fuel card management portal for detailed cost management and account administration
  • Comprehensive toll solution with discounts on key routes and easy-to-follow reporting and cost management
  • Fully compliant VAT service including Rapid VAT and Excise duty reclaims
  • No minimum spend, fixed term contract or hidden charges

We provide fuel cards for companies whose fleets drive across Europe. Our network spans 20 countries and thousands of filling stations for convenience and competitive prices. We have an easy to use route planning service on our site so that you can see where our refuelling stations are and plan your journeys, and you can also receive discounts on road tolls when you use our business fuel cards.

Sign up for your company fuel card account today.