Corporate fuel cards can be extremely useful for businesses with a large fleet to refuel. Not only will the reimbursing process be long, complicated and hard to monitor, but mistakes could occur resulting in people not receiving the right levels of reimbursement.

This can all be resolved by effective corporate fleet management, usually through a corporate fuel card. By paying for fuel on the card, an itemised bill can be paid at your convenience, usually by direct debit, and allow you to see where each transaction has come from and how much it was. This will allow you to monitor and control what is being spent.

Each bill will be itemised for easy understanding and allow you to make the correct claims if applicable. The card will also take into account currency rates and local tax legislations that affect any purchases; saving you time when trying to decipher what has happened in the various regions a drive has been in.

EDC provide a route planner so you can see exactly what stations are available across Europe for diesel vehicles. Not only does this provide a comprehensive idea of the large network we are constantly expanding, but you can use it to plan your journey to make sure you have access to these stations as often as possible.

The benefits to an effective corporate fleet management system are limitless, especially if you have a large amount of vehicles to monitor. Fuel cards can be modified to have a limited spend, limited operating window, 24/7 access for all vehicles, including HGVs and you can take advantage of our fixed weekly pricing for diesel across all the countries our network reaches. Any limitations can be removed and changed to unlimited if this works better for your business.

With a network spanning 20 countries, and thousands of stations to fill up in with competitive prices, fuel cards by EDC are a great way to manage the fuel costs of your fleet. You can use the route planner on this website to plan your route and see what filling stations are the easiest to use, or alternative routes available for you to take advantage of your corporate fuel card. Road and tunnel tolls can also be discounted by using a card from us.

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