A lot of fuel cards only operate within the UK but there may be times when businesses need to travel into other countries, especially for transportation and HGV oriented businesses. With different tax regulations and prices changing from region to region, an international fuel card will help you significantly control the costs of buying fuel in other countries.

Being able to cut down on the paperwork and the administration efforts of reimbursing every fuel receipt handed over, a fuel card offers a simple and easy solution to monitor and control how much is being spent on fuel during a set period. There are plenty of advantages to using International fuel cards but finding the right one will depend on your business.

There’s a wide range of competitive multinational fuel cards to choose from, each with different considerations to take into account when making your decision. The vehicles in operation, the kind of fuel access with each card, the number of locations available for use and the usefulness of the locations along the routes you plan to take just being a few factors to consider.

EDC has a comprehensive route planner that will allow you to check what stations accept a European Diesel Card, allowing you to plan what stops you will make, or any alterations to your journey to ensure the card can be most effective. There are also locations inside the UK where the card can be used, meaning you only need one for the entire journey, instead of one for each country you are going to.

Multinational fuel cards can be provided for a whole range of companies, regardless of size, giving you the best value on diesel prices from a wide number of locations to make any journey easier. Our network spans 20 countries with thousands of filling stations for your convenience with competitive prices. Take advantage of our route planner to make sure you are never far away from one of these stations and you can also receive discounts on road tolls and tunnels using our international fuel cards.

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