Diesel card solutions help you to manage your diesel expenses and reduce costs.

We offer a solution which gives you access to thousands of refuelling stations across Europe and the most competitive diesel prices. You get discounts at road tolls and easy to use route planning tools so that you can plan journeys. Fuel card solutions are the easiest way to monitor your company’s diesel consumption and reduce your administration.

Our diesel card solutions give you access to “Velocity”, which is the market leading online fuel card management portal. It provides you with an online dashboard through which you can run reports on your company’s fuel use, view your invoices and manage your cards. Features include being able to divide cards and drivers into groups, so you can monitor expenditure by location or function, and order more cards.

We offer weekly fixed pricing for diesel. This means you get the most competitive prices, but it also means that you can plan your expenditure more efficiently and you will be less effected by sudden price rises. This is useful for haulage and transportation companies who travel across Europe regularly and use large amounts of fuel, but smaller companies with fleets of any size can benefit from business fuel card solutions as the reduced administration and cost saving is particularly helpful for smaller companies who are under pressure to save.

At EDC we are experts in business fuel and have a large and comprehensive network of stations across Europe. Our diesel card solution has been carefully put together to give you the best access to fuel and also to provide an easy system which provides your business with information and savings.

Setting up diesel card solutions for your business couldn’t be simpler. You can apply through our site. You can also view our network of stations and use our route planning tool to make your journeys efficient.

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