Fuel cards for small businesses can be just as effective as those in large businesses. There are a different range of factors to consider but a lot of the advantages are the same, or of similar value.  While the amount of incoming expense claims might not be as large as a bigger business, there can still be a lot for a smaller workforce to handle and fuel cards would help remove the need for claims and difficult administration.

Fuel cards for small businesses will also allow you to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity by limiting what they can be used on, how often and how big the transaction can be. Alternatively, these limits can be removed allowing you to grant complete freedom to drivers. By paying with fuel cards for small business, a bill will be delivered explaining each transaction and allowing you to make any claims that are applicable easily.

Thousands of filling stations in 20 countries are included in our range of fuel cards, all aimed at providing competitive prices for the convenience of the driver. Fuel cards for small business may be limited to certain areas if this is more effective and it is worth checking how relevant this can be to your business before selecting one. Some discounts offered, like discounts on road tolls and tunnels might not be applicable to every business.

Benefits of our company fuel cards include:

  • Unique fixed weekly pricing for diesel across 20 European countries
  • 24/7 HGV access across 4,000 refuelling locations covering all major transport routes
  • Access ‘Velocity’ the market leading online business fuel card management portal for detailed cost management and account administration
  • Comprehensive toll solution with discounts on key routes and easy-to-follow reporting and cost management
  • Fully compliant VAT service including Rapid VAT and Excise duty reclaims
  • No minimum spend, fixed term contract or hidden charges


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